Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Agfa Shurshot B2 Box Camera

About a year ago I purchased an Agfa/Ansco Shur-Shot Box Camera.  The model I purchased takes B2 (or 120) film, which is still widely available today.
It's a single element ƒ/13 Meniscus lens camera, with a hyperfocal range of 8' to INF.  The shutter speed is 1/60s (approx) which will slightly over-expose 100ISO film, but that's when you can try to control the exposure by either slipping the yellow filter in, or sliding it to the further ƒ-stop instead.
There is a small slider on the side of the camera just above the shutter which is "BULB" or "TIME" exposure, which, when pulled out, will cause the shutter to stay open as long as you have the shutter release lever pressed.  Above that is the aperture/filter slider.  When you pull it out to the first marking, you get the Yellow Filter.  Pull it out further, and you get ƒ/22, which will give you a much sharper image over all, but will slightly underexpose the film, but not badly if you have plenty of sunlight.  Composing the photo is simple.  There are two view finders on the camera, one is a portrait layout and the other is a landscape layout.  There are also lines in the finders which represent the HALF-FRAME photos, so when you are shooting 6x4.5 images you use the inner lines to compose the image.

Agfa Shurshot B-2 Box Camera
 Agfa Shur-Shot B2 Box Camera
Single Element 105mm ƒ/13-ƒ/22 Meniscus Lens
Focusing: 8' to INF for Box Cameras
Shutter: Slicer type Non-Sync Shutter 1/60s (approx)

A Shot From The 50's

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